Children (3-12)

Why Parents Might Contact Me

Usually, parents contact me when their child has developed one or more of the following symptoms:

Behaviour difficulties in the form of repeated tantrums, oppositional behaviours, extremely fussy eating habits, poor sleep pattern, phobias.

Significant and persisting poor self-esteem expressed through statements such “I am so rubbish” “I hate myself” “I am ugly” I am fat” “I can never do anything right”.

An overly harsh conscience which makes it difficult for the child to give himself or herself a break as expressed through statements such as “I don’t deserve to live”.

Issues at school including difficulty attending school, concentrating in lessons or issues to do with bullying.

Difficulties negotiating peer relationships with the child using too much aggression by hitting, biting, spitting, pushing, snatching.

The child may also be very shy and inhibited in his or her capacity to form friendship at nursery or school.

States of anxiety and related obsessional behaviours or bodily symptoms such as repeated stomach and or headaches, bed wetting with no underlying medical causes.

Difficulty adjusting to life events including divorce, physical handicap, chronic illness, death.

Meeting With Parents

I usually ask to meet with both parents, if possible, for the first meeting. As well as being our initial contact, this meeting is also an opportunity for me to hear in more details about the child and to think with the parent [s] to try to understand the child’s presenting behaviour. It is also an opportunity for me to hear about the child in more details in his family environment including about his or her developmental milestones, and where relevant about sibling relationship.

Our first meeting and your needs will determine the next step forward.